We like to share life together. Some things are to encourage us in our faith, and some are just to have fun.
Everyone, that includes YOU, is welcome whenever we meet

We meet in a home on a Wednesday, 8-9.30. This is an interactive time for Bible Study, discussion and prayer. It is a time when
we can explore what we believe.

Fellowship Lunch and Walk
On the second Sunday of every month, after the service, we have a “bring and share” Fellowship Lunch, followed by a walk in the lovely countryside around us. Sometimes just a few people and sometimes we have all and sundry enjoying the fun.

Coffee Meetings are arranged randomly and many a happy hour is spent in local coffee shops. These serve both as social occasions and as a support group. Phone Margaret Matthews for details 01962 712519.

Social Nights
A social evening is held approximately once a month in someone’s home. .

Lunches and BBQs
Everyone likes food! Any excuse and we will have an occasion or a celebration. The year is dotted with them.

Prayer is interwoven throughout everything. We know prayer is vital.
And there's more...
See under
PARTNERS for all the other things we get involved in with the Church at large.
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